"There are three things in human life that are important;

The first is to be kind.

The second is to be kind.

And the third is to be kind."

~ Mother Theresa


Millie is a personal friend of my dog, Hadjoo.  She would sit next to him in agility class and she was the first dog to become his best friend.  She taught him it was okay to like other dogs.  She soon became his running partner in USDAA agility trials.


Then one day Millie stopped coming to class.  She was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was further complicated by her arthritis.  Millie would run with a slight limp, due to having an arthritic front elbow since she was 2, but now she was now not running or moving much at all.  Not only did Millie become a good friend of Hadjoo, but her dad, Bob, now became a good friend of mine.  I approached him about working on Millie with acupressure and massage to see if I could at least make her comfortable.


After receiving approval from her doctor, Dr. Kovacs, we started in May of 2010.  We started 1 day a week sessions.  Most times Millie would lay still and fall asleep.  She accepted her treatment sessions and I looked forward to working on her in hopes to help not only Millie, but her Dad and Mom.


After several months of acupressure and massage from me, follow-up appointments and pain management medication with her regular DVM, Dr. Dorsie Kovacs, Monson Small Animal Clinic, and chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture from Dr. Bud Allen (Family Veterinary Clinic Haydenville, MA, and dedication on her parent’s part, Millie is now a happy dog!  I got an email from her Mom recently that said “Millie isn’t walking anymore. All she does is run and jump!”


Millie’s appetite has improved and she eats both her breakfast and dinner to her mom’s delight.  She spends most days watching for the squirrels in hopes of catching one on a chase.  She runs during her walks, and jumps up on the bed and chair.  Her dad commented “If this is as good as she gets, then I’m happy.”


Millie’s sessions were gradually reduced from once weekly, to every two weeks, to once a month for a month and now every two months.  She no longer sits and relaxes during her sessions as she is feeling so good that all she wants to do is get up and get outside where everything is happening.


I have documented each of her sessions with the point work and massage and they are available for review upon request.


Millie’s parents love her very much and were committed to helping her return to her joyful happy self.  Everyone involved in Millie’s recovery played a big part and this was one of the most important things in helping Millie enjoy life again.

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