Acupressure is meant to compliment the care your pet receives from your veterinarian. Acupressure is not a substitute for professional veterinary care and is not intended to replace a consultation with your qualified veterinarian.

Small animal acupressure meridian chart

Click to download the Small Animal Acupressure Meridian Chart


Acupressure* is a form of Chinese Energy work developed in China over 5000 years ago. It is one of the five branches of healing modalities (Food Therapy, Herbal Treatments, Acupressure or Acupuncture, Manipulative Therapy such as Tui Na, and Remedial exercises of Qi Gong and Tai Chi) under Traditional Chinese Medicine that bases its principles on balance and harmony. Acupressure is a holistic approach to help your dog or cat live a well-balanced life. It is a safe, non-invasive way to help harmonize your dog’s or cat’s energy.


Acupressure does not use needles like acupuncture. It does, however, use the same acupoints and meridians by applying gentle thumb or fingertip pressure to help increase energy at a deficient point or to release blocked energy that may be causing illness. It can help reduce stress, invigorate the blood to help with circulation, detoxify the body, relieve pain anywhere in the body, and even help with emotional imbalances. The main objective is to bring the body’s life force energy, also known as Qi, back into balance. Click on the chart below to download useful meridian points.



Tui Na means Push/Grasp and is a form of Chinese Massage often done in conjunction with an acupressure treatment. Utilizing the basic hand techniques of rotary, compression, friction, even vibrating and shaking, these are applied to the same acupoints and meridians, or energy pathways as acupressure. Tui Na directly affects the flow of energy at a much deeper level than just on the surface of your pet’s skin. It helps with muscle tension, relaxes circulation to a local area and can help relieve many discomforts. It can help your young dog, and comfort and relax your older dog.


Qi Gong simply means energy work and is an ancient energy healing system used for centuries in China. It is a practice of exercise routines and breath work that when practiced daily helps to build an individual’s own Qi. This healing energy is then channeled though the hands directly to your pet.


Tong Ren translated means Bronze Man. Developed by Tom Tam in Boston, MA, it is practiced primarily as distance energy work done with the use of a small human anatomical model that is used as a energetic representation of your dog. After discussion of your pet’s situation, specific targeted points on the model are tapped on using a lightweight magnetic hammer. Chi is directed to blocked points that correspond to your animal’s condition thereby breaking down any resistance at these points. It is a safe therapy for internal healing of your pet’s energy system by using the collective unconscious as defined by Dr. Carl Jung for internally accessing the energy system. Click the following text to visit Tom Tam's website or read an explanation of Tong Ren.


Hospice and Palliative Care provides your pets with "at home" care during the end-of-life stages as an alternative to premature euthanasia. It also helps to prepare your family for the final goodbye and to understand the loss and grief after your pet has passed.


I love little puppies and young dogs, but a senior dog always holds a special place in my heart, especially when I made a commitment that I would take care of them for the rest of their life. Dr. Ella Bittel from Spirits in Transition teaches a course geared toward hospice and palliative care for our pets. I decided this was the next step in learning how to care for our dogs that have reached their most senior years. There is much more to the end of our pet’s life instead of just ending their life through euthanasia. Hospice and Palliative care is not for every pet or person, but just a little bit of knowledge can go a long way for both you and your pet. If you are unsure of the direction to take with a loved senior pet, please contact me. We can discuss the options that are available to you.



Now offering Martingale style slip leads for the agility dog/handler. These are high-quality, one-piece, handcrafted collars with an attached leash suitable for all dogs. All collars are fleeced lined for your dog's comfort. They easily open to slip over your dog's head and are secured in place with various versions of a slide attached to the leash. Collars vary in width and length. Leads are made of nylon webbing and come in widths of 1/2", 3/4" and 1" wide. I have a great selection of colors and styles from which to choose. All of my leashes are personally handcrafted by me here at Heaven and Earth. These are excellent leashes for dogs who compete in agility because it is a one-piece collar-leash. These leads can also be used to walk your dog daily in comfort and style. Rat/Mouse print leashes available for the Barn Hunt dogs too! Holiday collars/leashes available throughout the year. Most leads are just under 5' long (includes handle) but custom lengths can be special ordered. Contact me through email or phone for more information, prices or to place an order.


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