"Millie is a Brittany that turned seven on Aug. 2, 2010. She was a dog with more energy than she needed. I would tell people I couldn't find the off button. Late February we were at agility training and she refused to take some jumps, the next morning she was very lame. I took her to the vet and was told she had lyme disease. We did everything we were told to to to build up her immune system to no avail.


"My wife suggested we ask Jamie to give her a treatment.  She had a treatment and I don't know if she improved, but it was only one session. Jamie suggested that she work on her joints and pressure points once a week, we checked with our vet and she thought it was a good idea. Jamie started treating Millie early May 2010, after a treatment Jamie would ask how Millie was doing and I would say a little better,she would answer better is better.


"After a treatment Jamie would send a copy of what she did to us and to Millie’s vet. I know the vet was impressed because she would call and talk about what Jamie had said in her report. We went from once a week to every two weeks to three weeks, once a month, every two months. Sounds like a long time, but we don't regret a minute of it. Jamie was always positive Millie would walk again, although I have to admit I wasn't always so sure. Jamie was faithful and never gave up on Millie.


"This is September 20th and Millie and I took a walk today, I can't find the off button. Will she ever be able to run agility again? I don't know but I am not going to ask her to, she can chase the rabbits, squirrels and the cats next door. She has no pain and she is happy, that’s good enough for me. There is no way to thank Jamie for all the time she put into Millie. We are proud to call her our friend. Thank you Jamie, we love you."

~Bob, Anita and Millie





“My dog Rodney is going on seven years old this June (2011). If not for Jamie Rodney would not be the happy and pain-free dog he is today. Rodney got pancreatitis four years ago and was down to 35 lbs. He was unable to sleep or lay down due to the pain from the pancreatitis. Many nights he spent sitting straight up crying from pain. The medicine he was put on started to help him keep some weight on, but didn’t stop the pain. Jamie has given him a second chance at life. Rodney is now up to 70 lbs., sleeps without pain through the night and all because of the wonderful care Jamie has given him. We could never thank her for all she does for Rodney. He loves her with all his heart, and me too!”

~Joyce D. Yates-Hill





"My 7 year old Australian Working Kelpie, Zen, was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I elected not to put him through chemo. After one bad day of a heavy nose bleed, Jamie & I were talking and she said she wanted to do some distance work on him. I agreed.


"Well, it's been almost a month since his last nose bleed. Zen has gained a couple of pounds back. His coat looks great and his energy level is increasing. I told Jamie that whatever she did to keep on doing it as it seems to be helping! Thanks again Jamie!"

~ Mary Wasielewski & Zen





"If Jamie is there, I'd plan on having her work on Petey, she manages to connect his brain cells into a more focused arrangement than nature gave him."

~ Mary McCullough

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