A session includes an assessment of your pet and an acupressure and massage treatment.  I will then work with you to show you a specific set of points and locations so that you can participate in your dog’s health.  You will be provided with instructions for follow-up to do in between sessions in order to enhance the acupressure treatments.  The initial first assessment generally takes an hour, and follow-up appointments can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.



An Acupressure session will also help you as your pet’s guardian as you learn to take part in their health and care.  These sessions will become a personal time set aside for you and your pet.  You will become relaxed and more familiar with their bodies so that will you be able to detect any changes that may not have been there before.  Early detection of changes to your pet’s health is key to maintaining balance and harmony.  Routine acupressure sessions will keep you tuned into your pet’s health and well-being.



My energy work is available for most small animals that you find in a home, but I particularly love working on dogs.  My goal with each patient is to bring them back to optimum health by providing compassion and assistance-to-wellness that each animal deserves.  I am truly in my element working with animals and offer my services at my office or in your home.


Distance work through Tong Ren is also available - please contact me for further information.



Every animal's case is different so I prefer to treat each case individually when discussing fees. Please contact me for my current fee schedule.

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