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About Gardening

Perfect Gardening The Result Of Nature

Heaven and Earth Energy embodies perfect gardening, a synergy between nature's elements and human touch. Our approach harmonizes with the Earth, resulting in gardens that are not just landscapes but sanctuaries of tranquility and natural beauty.


Transforming spaces, Gardens Urbans ensures lush greenery thrives with meticulous attention


Urbans excels in urban landscape care, harmonizing nature with city living.


Meticulous care by Gardens Urbans ensures flourishing urban gardens

Event & Programs

Elevate surroundings with curated events by Gardens Urbans, creating memorable urban vibes

What We Do

We Care Your Garden & Landscape

Spring Cleaning

Revitalize your garden with "Spring Cleaning," ensuring a fresh and vibrant outdoor haven

Irrigation & Drainage

Optimize your garden's health with precision through expert Irrigation & Drainage solutions

Balcony Garden

Transform your balcony into a lush oasis with our expert Balcony Garden Setup services

Pruning plants

Enhance plant vitality and shape with precise pruning, promoting healthy growth in your garden

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Transform your outdoor space into a stunning retreat with our expert landscaping services

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Design & Landscaping

Elevate surroundings with innovative design, merging expertise for a unique outdoor experience.

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Pruning Plants

Transform your space with our expertise, sculpting plants to perfection for a visually.

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Garden Maintenance

Nurture the beauty of your outdoor space with our LushCare Garden Maintenance.

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Meet Our Expert Gardener

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Raj Kumar M

Junior Gardener

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Thaga Krishnan S

Senior Gardener

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Mary Latha

Garden Designer


Experience Team Member

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Modern Gardening

We Offers Landscape & Tree Plantations

Immerse your surroundings in natural beauty with our comprehensive landscape and tree plantation services, creating sustainable green spaces that flourish over time

  • Green Oasis Creation
  • Eco-Friendly Landscaping
  • Tree Haven Development
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Global Clients Happy to Get Our gardening Services

We are delighted with the transformation of our outdoor space by Heaven and Earth Energy, their gardening and landscaping expertise exceeded our expectations.

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Ruskin J Kumar
testimonial image

Our outdoor sanctuary has been beautifully transformed by the skilled hands of Heaven and Earth Energy. Their gardening and landscaping prowess far surpassed our expectations, leaving us utterly delighted with the stunning results.

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Reshma K
testimonial image

Heaven and Earth Energy have truly worked wonders on our outdoor space. Their gardening and landscaping expertise not only met but exceeded our expectations, creating a harmonious and enchanting environment that brings joy to our daily lives.

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Shibu G
testimonial image

Delighted is an understatement! Thanks to the remarkable efforts of Heaven and Earth Energy, our outdoor oasis has been turned into a picturesque haven. Their gardening and landscaping skills have added a touch of magic that goes beyond what we could have imagined.

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Saraniya J
testimonial image
Our Flower Garden

Floral Serenity at Our Sanctuary

Our Flourishing Garden Retreat

In the heart of our home, a vibrant tapestry of nature's finest blooms dances in harmonious serenity, creating a picturesque haven where fragrant stories of joy and growth unfold.

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Infinite Blooms Beyond Compare

Amidst the serenity of our home, an enchanting floral paradise unfolds, where each blossom whispers tales of beauty, resilience, and the timeless allure of nature's ever-changing canvas.

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