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Experience the epitome of garden care with our dedicated services. Our skilled team of gardeners brings a wealth of expertise to transform your outdoor space into a thriving haven. From meticulous lawn maintenance to vibrant plant arrangements, we prioritize every aspect of your garden's well-being. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure your garden flourishes under our attentive care, creating a picturesque and inviting environment for you to enjoy. Let us nurture your green oasis and bring your gardening aspirations to life.

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Elevate your outdoor space with our gardening services, where lush landscapes meet tranquility. Our expert touch not only enhances the visual appeal of your surroundings but also promotes mental well-being through a stress-free environment. We bring a blend of expertise and passion to ensure your garden becomes a haven of beauty and relaxation. Trust us to cultivate a space that goes beyond aesthetics, contributing to your overall health and connection with natur

  • We’re Experience Gardening
  • Awards Winning & Professional Team Member
  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Snow Hauling & Stacking
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Working Process

Heaven And Earth Energy follows a meticulous working process to deliver exceptional results. Our journey begins with a comprehensive assessment, where we analyze your energy needs and environmental considerations. Following this, our expert team designs a tailored plan that integrates sustainable solutions. During implementation, we prioritize efficiency and precision to bring your energy vision to life. Finally, our commitment extends to ongoing support and monitoring, ensuring your sustainable energy system continues to thrive. Experience a seamless transition to a greener future with Heaven And Earth Energy's refined working process.

Design Garden

Crafting outdoor masterpieces, meticulous planning, harmonizing aesthetics.

Test Planting

Trial plantings, assess growth, adjust arrangements, ensure optimal development.

Got Final Result

Evaluate outcome, fine-tune design, confirm success, celebrate garden.

Landscaping Services

Design: Heaven And Earth Energy provides end-to-end design services for your landscaping needs. We follow a systematic approach from concepts, mood plan, color drafts, detailing, to provide a feel of how it looks before execution.

Install: Complete execution of the project by maintaining quality standards from sourcing materials, plants, and expert staff to execute the design into a beautiful home or commercial landscape.

Maintain: Comprehensive garden maintenance services for commercial spaces. We take care of all maintenance services like sweeping, irrigating, pruning, fertilizing, mowing, and decomposing your beautiful gardens and landscapes.

If you are interested in residential or commercial landscaping and gardening, Maryland Landscapes has the experienced landscape architect and designing staff to meet your needs.

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Pruning plants

One of the main contributing factors to maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape is pruning. The act of pruning plants can be physically demanding, but it’s the mental preparation and planning that is key to the success of this crucial skill. The following information is meant to help you plan and prepare for caring and maintaining your trees and shrubs so they can provide you with years of function and beauty. Let’s start with some basics:

What is Pruning? More important than knowing when or how to prune is to know why and what you are trying to achieve. There are many reasons to prune, including, but not limited to:

Why Prune Plants? Pruning is the practice of selectively removing plant parts (branches, buds, spent flowers, etc.) to manipulate the plant for horticultural and landscape purposes.

Drip & Irrigation Systems Installation

One should understand that for a good looking garden all we need is good Soil media and water, normally gardeners start there day by sweeping and pulling the dead leafs evaporation and absorption. Plant hardly gets anything. The value of an automatic sprinkler system is relative to the intensity of maintenance and aesthetics desired. If you already manually water your lawn regularly and you desire a moderate to highly manicured lawn, it could be worth it. Sprinkler systems save, time, money, aid in water conservation, and help achieve a lush, green lawn.

Saving time by not having to monitor and move sprinklers. No more rolling hoses or getting wet making the next move, an irrigation system requires very little attention once set up. Over time, an automatic sprinkler system will pay for itself. The savings are incurred by eliminating overwatering, and providing perfect, efficient coverage. Hand watering is no match for the efficiency of an irrigation system.

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Garden Maintenance

Heaven And Earth Energy Staffs maintain our beautiful and well-maintained garden, shaped lawn and stunning landscape. But let’s be honest, gardening is an arduous, time-consuming chore, and not everyone has the time or wishes to get their hands dirty. Besides the intensive labour, gardening duties may require some tools and equipment that not everyone would have on hand. So Maryland Landscapes offers you a garden maintainer in your home

All this considered, It seems like professional garden maintenance can be a convenient solution. But before you make a final decision for your property, it’s good to know, what exactly is garden maintenance and what it includes, whether gardeners are expensive and more. Let’s dive in Maryland Landscapes.

You have any doubt check out our website and read customer testimonials. It can be very important to know our service you are considering is qualified and experienced to carry out the job.

Balcony Garden Setup

Gardening is one of the hobbies that bring you close to nature or the environment. The word garden brings the imagery of beautiful flowers. Today, cities are growing fast and space around us is decreasing. You may be one of those living in an apartment and fond of growing plants or enjoy gardening. You can try creating a balcony garden that best suits your lifestyle and allows gardening in a limited space of your apartment. The plants on an outdoor balcony will usually be enjoyed indoors as well, so be sure to plant eye-catching displays where they can be viewed through glass doors

Planning is the first and most important thing that you need to consider before starting your balcony garden. There are a number of plants available in your neighborhood or nursery for your balcony garden. It might not be possible to go out and get plants during the lockdown but you can still start with your existing plants and add more plants once the lockdown ends. Before you start your balcony garden, make sure that your building management allows you to maintain a balcony garden. A balcony garden is not allowed in all apartments. Safety is the most important factor in having a balcony garden. Ensure that your balcony can handle the weight of your plants or garden.

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Urban Gardening

If you live in an urban area, there are certain things that seem like they may be impossible, such as having a yard to enjoy or finding a place to park your car, but gardening does not have to be one of those things. Urban gardening is the practice of growing plants in an urban environment. You may be surprised to know that urban gardening has a positive impact on the economy, the environment and food security.

If you live in a big city, urban gardeners are doing their work all around you. From lush rooftop gardens to colorful window hanging baskets, more city-goers are practicing their green thumbs. Although there is not one steadfast definition of urban gardening, it is usually grouped into two segments, container gardening and rooftop gardening.

Container gardening is very common for people with small patios, yards, or balconies. They utilize all sorts of containers such as buckets, raised beds, and window boxes. Rooftop gardening is when you transform the roof of a building into a garden, by adding soil and garden beds. Rooftop gardening is traditionally used to grow vegetables and larger plants.

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